Nemocnice v Škótsku boli napadnuté ransomwarom Bit Paymer

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Niekoľko nemocníc v Škótsku sa minulý týždeň sa stalo obeťami útoku ransomwaru Bit Paymer
Bit Paymer využíva brute-force útok na RDP a od obetí žiada výkupné vo výške niekoľkých desiatok bitcoinov.

Podľa všetkého BitPaymer využíva pre kryptovanie RC4 a RSA-1024 algoritmy, takže zakryptované dáta aktuálne nie je možné dekryptovať.

All files are encrypted. We accept only bitcoins to share the decryption software for your network.
Also, we have gathered all your private sensitive data.So if you decide not to pay anytime soon, we would share it with media's.
It may harm your business reputation and the company's capitalization fell sharply.

Do not try to do it with 3rd-parties programs, files might be damaged then.

Decrypting of your files is only possible with the special decryption software.
To receive your private key and the decryption software please follow the link (using tor2web service):


If this address is not available, follow these steps:
1. Download and install Tor Browser: hxxps://
2. After a successful installation, run the browser and wait for initialization.
3. Type in the address bar: [REDACTED URL]
4. Follow the instructions on the site
5. This link is valid for 72 hours only. Afetr that period your local data would be lost completely.
6. Any questions: [REDACTED EMAIL]

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